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No, that wasn’t your imagination — it was the sound of Directioners. There were several hundred, actually, anxiously lined up outside the hotel waiting for the chance to catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest boy band. At their “This Is Us” press junket, not only could we confirm that One Direction fans are indeed some of the most dedicated, but we could also confirm that the boys have perfect hair, are hilariously candid and don’t take themselves too seriously. Between Zayn, Louis and Liam ambushing Harry and Niall’s seats in the middle of the interview, to Harry surprising a young fan with a kiss on the cheek on his way out, you can always expect the unexpected when it comes to the boys. And even the biggest Directioner might be surprised by what they had to say about their new epic 3D movie , dating deal-breakers and upcoming third album. See below for the top 10 things we learned from the NYC event this weekend. They were nervous about making “This Is Us. It makes you feel vulnerable, I think, when you put yourself out there that much, so it was exciting. They’re not the kind of pranksters you think they are. Any Directioner knows that the guys of 1D are big pranksters , but contrary to popular belief, they really don’t prank each other.

One Direction: Who really had the BEST song ever as solo artists

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The X Factor judges confirmed – One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams, and Ayda Field are all announced to join Simon Cowell for the series.

Share this article Share They appeared close as they left the club and got into the back of a car. Celine could be seen leaning into Niall while wearing a white halterneck top and a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. She pushed her auburn locks back off her face and tucked it behind her ear while talking to the handsome pop singer. The beautiful brunette seems at ease with the attention and her new-found celebrity status since getting close to the superstar singer.

Celine, who speaks five languages including Mandarin, was part of the cheerleading club during her time at the University of Exeter. Following their two dates in London, fans have unearthed this snapshot, which is reported to show Niall and Celine together with friends at a restaurant on the Algarve in June No drama: The One Direction singer, 22, was pictured looking close to the Belgian student as they left Drama nightclub in London following a night of clubbing on Monday She speaks English, French and Dutch like a native, and Portuguese.

Her social media profiles reveal she likes golf and photography and that she has a jet-set lifestyle flitting between France, Brussels and the Algarve. Celine doesn’t seem to be struggling with her new-found celebrity status with Niall, which adds glamour to her already jet-set lifestyle Playful: One Direction fans already seem to have rallied behind Celine, who they praise as being ‘beautiful’ and ‘seeming very funny’ It is not known how long Celine and Niall have been dating – but fans posted photographs of them together at a restaurant on the Algarve last month.

Celine, nicknamed ‘Mrs Horan’ by One Directioners, has already won over their fans, notorious for rejecting the stars’ love interests. Niall has always spent his stardom drifting from one high-profile woman to another while the rest of the band have settled into relationships.

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So, why were One Direction throwing money at rivals? Looking back, were his series of man-buns, top-knots and haunting Michael Jackson-esque soft waves best observed in the official Band Aid promo shot. Merely a cry for help? Even Take That, during their 90s peak, only made three albums.

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The Big News You walk into your house and smell the sweet scent of apple pie cooking in the oven. Niall walks up to and gives you a huge kiss and tells you to sit down. So I made a decision, you and I are moving to England. All you can do is sit there with a big smile on your face. Finally through all the joy you can get words out. Everything is going to be perfect nothing can stop you from having the best life with your true love. While Niall is on the phone you rush up to your room to pack.

Not sure what to bring and what to leave behind. The first thing you put into your suitcase is the pictures of you and your family and friends. Also the photo album labeled my first true love. After packing everything and anything you find in your house, you run down stairs to the living room where Niall was nowhere to be found. You put everything on the couch and walk outside to see if Niall is there. There was no sign of Niall, but you did however find a note with a riddle.

One Direction’s debut video hits one billion YouTube views

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He is the youngest member of the group. His self-titled debut album ” Harry Styles ” was released on May 12, Harry mentioned in his X Factor audition that he planned to study law, and, in a interview, again commented that he would’ve studied to be a lawyer, if music hadn’t worked out. In a feature article for AnOther Man Magazine , Harry’s sister Gemma revealed he also considered a career in physiotherapy. This helped Harry realise his passion for performing. He wanted professional opinions on his singing, stating “Singing is what I want to do, and if people who can make that happen for me don’t think that I should be doing that, then it’s a major setback in my plans.

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You’re insecure, don’t know what for ? Girl I see it in your eyes, you’re disappointed ? I tried playing it cool ? I’m broken, do you hear me ? It feels like we’ve been living in fast forward ?

The last thing Harry Styles does before he goes to bed each night is send himself an email listing what he’s doing the next day. “Even if it’s really boring, like ‘9am: coffee’. If you.

Artikel utama untuk bagian ini adalah: Ibunya menikah lagi dengan seorang pria bernama Chris dan pindah ke Edgeworthstown, County Longford. Aku ingin sukses, membuat album dan bekerjasama dengan musisi-musisi terkenal dunia. Ibu dan ayahnya bernama Johannah Poulston dan Troy Austin. Orangtuanya bercerai saat ia masih anak-anak, kemudian ibunya menikah lagi dengan seorang pria bernama Mark Tomlinson, yang memberinya nama belakang Tomlinson.

Dan pada tahun , Johannah kembali menikah dengan Daniel Deakin. Selain mempunyai adik perempuan, Louis juga mempunyai seorang adik laki-laki yaitu Ernest Deakin, yang merupakan saudara kembar Doris Deakin. Ia pernah bekerja sebagai pelayan sebelum mengikuti X Factor. Saat ini, Louis pernah menjalin hubungan dengan seorang mahasiswi Universitas Manchester bernama Eleanor Calder. Ayah dan Ibunya bernama Karen dan Geoff. Pada saat itu, Simon Cowell mengatakan kalau Liam belum siap untuk berkompetisi dan memintanya untuk kembali dua tahun lagi.

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Leran a Little More about Zayn Malik His name is really spelled ‘Zain’ but he likes it better ‘Zayn’ but i bet you already knew that I bet that you already know this but if you didnt here you go. Used to write songs for his girlfriend. Secret talent is drawing.

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