Love, Light, and Nature: [Celebrities] Religion of KPOP Groups’ Members

Started as a rookie indie band in Japan. Kwon Kwangjin left the group in before they debuted in Korea and Lee Jungshin was added. Originally a 14 member group. In Janey joined D-Unit as a guest member. Dabin departed from the group shortly after debut. Minseok and Hanjun left the group in and Jaewook was added. In , Junyong and Younghoon left the group and were replaced by Chulmin and Kanghyun.

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Aug 10,  · 1. Sunggyu & Chorong: *** They’re the eldest members of each group and also the leaders. Known as “Grandpa Gyu,” Sunggyu’s responsible, authoritative personality will help control Rong Mama’s often random, childish and free-spirited weirdness (described in a good way).

Selama masa trainee Infinite, member-member makan makanan yang sama setiap hari. Infinite punya jadwal latihan dance selama rata-rata 10 jam atau lebih per hari, dan 18 jam selama persiapan comeback. Mereka membeli sebuah jam alarm yang sangat keras, mereka tidak bisa mendengarnya dari beberapa poin karena mereka terlalu lelah. Karena mereka tinggal bersama dan menghabiskan waktu bersama, mereka bahkan tidak perlu melihat ke mata satu sama lain untuk mengetahui apa yang lainnya pikirkan.

Fans Infinite yaitu Inspirit, nama itu dipilih berdasarkan polling yang dilakukan manajemen Infinite, Woolim Entertainment. Dibutuhkan waktu 2 jam untuk syuting adegan hujan di MV Come Back Again, dan mereka menyanyikannya secara live waktu itu. Sungyeol ingin lebih dekat dengan girl group, jadi dia meminta Sungjong untuk membawanya bersama ketika dia bersosialisasi.

Sungjong mengajak Hoya bersama suatu waktu, tapi Hoya berakhir dengan hanya berdiri disana sementara Sungjong dan girl group itu berbincang-bincang diantara mereka. Karena mereka memiliki 3 member, dia akan memilih Sungjong, Hoya dan dia sendiri untuk tampil di acara itu. Ketika ditanya siapa yang lebih mereka sukai diantara Mithra Jin danTablo, semua member menjawab Mithra.

Apinks Eunji discusses Apink’s dating history

For real this time. He pseudo left in March after reports of him bullying surfaced. This does not bode well.

Plastic Surgery Meter: Sunggyu, INFINITE. Prev Article Next Article. Arrghhh! NOSE JOB. That’s about all I have to say about Sunggyu of INFINITE. You did manage to convince me about Eunji though when I saw her pictures. Reply. Ceci Jjang. tinder dating site. For the reason that the admin of this website is working, no question very.

This song expresses love for Korea, which most, if not all of Koreans share for their country unless you live in the U. This song puts an emphasis on the positive aspects of collectivism group over individual , while the negative aspects of it are noticed more in K-Pop like similar faces due to plastic surgery one ideal type , too many [untalented] group members, and lack of freedom for creativity and expression.

I’ve only seen the first episode of the “I Am Korea” series, but I thought it was amazing! It also gave a behind-the-scenes look of the recording of the song and MV. After watching this, I nearly cried, even though this isn’t even celebrating my own country XD. When all of the artists were coming in, they didn’t come in with their usual “I’m lowkey tired but I’ll smile for the cameras” look. They all seemed genuinely honored that they’ve been picked to participate in this event and also nervous since it’s a BIG deal.

And near the end before they started recording the MV for “The Day We Meet”, all of the artists were meeting and greeting each other as if they were at a family reunion, and not as if they were a huge collective singers put together to sing a song.

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I was thinking the other day how cool it would be if done properly, if they made a Replica Props Screen Used Props Replica Costumes Sculpture and Makeup General Modeling Studio Scale Models Movie Discussion Collaborate, create, and collect at the internet’s largest community dedicated to props, costumes and models. It could be Star Wars meets Firefly. I was thinking the other day how cool it would be if done properly, if they made a “Young Han and Chewie Adventures” hana lasicova series.

When and how they met, different contraband hijinx each week. No no no no no. The Videogame hana lasicova “It actually sounds too good to be true.

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Myungsoo tahu dia pasti terlihat seperti orang bodoh ketika Sooji menghela nafas dan kembali mengulang pertanyaannya. Myungsoo benar-benar tidak menyangka Sooji akan mengajaknya bicara. Sejujurnya Sooji merutuki keputusannya mengajak Myungsoo menemaninya. Sekarang dia tidak bisa menikmati es krimnya dengan nyaman. Sampai saat ini sooji masih belum berani mengangkat wajahnya dan menatap Myungsoo. Sooji menggigit bibirnya perlahan, bingung dengan keadaanya yang sangat canggung ini.

Sejujurnya Sooji masih bingung dengan perasaannya kepada Myungsoo. Sooji jelas merasa tersakiti, kecewa, dan marah kepada Myungsoo. Tapi di sisi lain sosok Myungsoo sebagai cheos-sarangnya tentu saja tidak bisa pudar begitu saja. Tidak seperti saat mereka SMA dulu.


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Eunji was spotted at the Tipton Hotel a couple of weeks ago with a man, who is now identified as Kim Sunggyu. They were supposing meeting up in the hotel so as to not cause a scandal for Eunji or be noticed from the public eye.

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Diposting oleh Ae Rin di Ni-ga chohda Neoneun nae-ge modeunke cheo-eumi dwaeh Mwo-ga eottae Nae-ga tto keureoh-ji mwo [Rap] [Dongwoo] Ttottotto kyeol-kuk ireoni meonbalchi seo shiseon-man kkojhiji Nunirado majuchimyeon sesangeun kkeunnaji kwiiyeoun miso useum -ggotpiji Jo-geumman deo yongginae bol-teni moreun-cheok yeongie sok ta-euji marajwo Nae-gen neohana ppunini oh Nal ara jul-ttaekkaji always with you [ Lyrics from: Nae-ga tto keureoh-ji mwo Diposting oleh Ae Rin di Romantic, sad, family, chaptered Another Cast: Apalagi, Ji Ri gyojangnim menjadikan Ji Hoon sunbae sebagai partnerku di olimpiade sekolah.

It felt so good, the plush fullness of Sunggyu’s mouth, still and unmoving, beneath his. He bit and chewed at Sunggyu’s bottom lip, letting his eyes fall shut so he could savor the comfort that was Sunggyu.

Woollim and Its Utilitarian System of Handling Scandals November 29, Pat 32 Just when one thought the whole Myung-soo dating debacle was done and dusted, it has resurfaced again. This time, Woollim is backtracking and admitting that Myung-soo did date the ulzzang, Kim Do-yeon. The last time the agency spoke on the issue, they said that Myung-soo was not dating her, that they were just friends. And those cracks have expanded and once again, Woollim is showing their incapability to properly handle scandals.

Honestly, the backlash of Woollim backtracking their previous statement would not be such if they had admitted the relationship in the first place if the relationship was over. Even the female in question has alluded to not seeing or being in contact with him for some time now. This allusion is made after the ulzzang asked for fans to stop barraging her with stones and such whenever she is out in public.

She then goes on to list several incidents and it is this post of hers that had Woollim finally speaking out on the issue. But what really stood out in this instance was that commentary by netizens went back to age-old problem of Woollim:

Eunji Ban dragged by feet up stairs: Court

Chasing after dreams bts Jealousy We finally reach the camp site, our instructor assign us to our bunk room. Eunji is sleeping at the bottom of the bed while I am sleeping at the top of the bed. After putting our bags, we are off to our first activity, boat rafting. I am so excited for this activity as it is my first experience. The most depressing thing is that my team mates are Jungkook and Woohyun.

I feel so worry and angry at the same time.

I feel like Sunggyu would be more careful in dating since he’s so conservative and whatnot so either he’d be a lot more secretive about it, or just date a non-idol. suzizi #12 Aug 3, where I live it is normal that celebrities have partners so I don’t care if he is dating.

Thus, he decided to carry on the audition as a solo artist. Jung was at risk of dropping out several times, though he passed through into the finals by Psy’s choice in the judge’s final decision. He was repeatedly suggested to that he needed to try a different genre of music, such as ballad, by the judges. However, on the other hand, his persistence about rock music impressed a lot of viewers, and, as a result, it help him to establish a strong fandom.

He was able to survive the third stage through a large number of phone votes. Unexpectedly, it highly ranked and topped on various online charts and also earned favorable reactions from the public. Before [he] tried out for Superstar K4, only those who liked rock music listened to [his] songs. However, now a more variety of people listen to [his] music and acknowledge [him].

The EP was a moderate success, ranking number one on both the daily and weekly chart of Synnara Record during its first week. The song combines both the rock spirit and ballad. All the tracks in the album were composed and produced by Jung and he also participated in the design and production of the album’s concept, cover picture, and all other minor details regarding the album. The theme of the album was “the adult who dreams” and contained his wish for people who are exhausted by the world to start dreaming again.

He also entertained the audience by covering his own version of Michael Jackson ‘s ” Black or White “. The show features celebrities paired up with professional designers to provide home decoration and improvement, where each week, two groups will compete with each other to see which home makeover is the best.

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Mistery Our Love Setiap orang pasti ingin menyimpan kenangan di dalam otaknya yang tak menginginkan orang lain untuk menyentuhnya, tapi bagaimana bila kenangan itu sendiri yang menginginkan untuk di sapa dan di sentuh oleh orang lain yang tak diduga oleh si pemilik kenangan ini. Sama halnya dengan yang terjadi pada Lila yang tak ingin orang lain menyentuh kenangannya, lebih tepatnya tak ingin untuk sakit yang kesekian kalinya, Yah bukan yang pertama , kedua Tapi sudah tiga kali ia harus sakit karena kenangan itu, Sehingga membuatnya harus lari ke tempatnya saat ini.

Dimana sepanjang jalan yang dilewatinya tadi siang penuh dengan manusia-manusia bermata sipit. Jepang mungkin Negara yang terlintas di benaknya untuk menenangkan diri, bagi Lila setiap orang pasti punya tempat yang dapat menenangkan diri barang sejenak. Dan untuk Lila Negeri Sakura ini adalah pilihan tepatnya, yang sudah di tinggalinya sejak 3 tahun lalu.

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Rasa-rasanya Ashley ingin berhenti sejenak. Membawa dua koper berukuran besar memang tak mudah dilakukan seorang diri, terutama untuk seorang wanita yang memakai wedges. Tapi pikirannya berseberangan dengan apa yang ia inginkan. Entah mengapa, langkah kaki jenjangnya malah terus berlalu. Telah melampau terlalu jauh hingga sulit baginya untuk berhenti di tempat yang penuh hangeul.

Yang bahkan ia sendiri tidak bisa membacanya. Ratusan tatap mata memandangnya sekarang, seolah-olah menusuknya dari belakang. Baginya, semua orang asing disini terlihat jahat. Ya, setidaknya itulah yang terlintas dalam benak Ashley. Ia pun akhirnya berhenti di sebuah tempat yang menurutnya terlihat seperti taman kota. Lantas ia segera mendaratkan pantatnya di kursi panjang di bawah pohon akasia. Sang surya sedang tidak bersahabat hari ini.

(RM 162) ♡ Apink’s Eunji-Infinite’s SungGyu moment ♡

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