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Aug 02,  · Re: 12/24 volt trolling motor hook up- Help Some of the problems are: when you jump the pos and neg poles (series) to get 24 volts, isn’t that a direct short for the battery charger, when they are connected in parallel.

The Combiner is suitable for engines with alternator ouputs up to amps. This covers most outboard engines. If you have a higher output, you should use the Combiner This involves extra cables to the engine and often voids your warranty. Battery isolators also have a built in voltage drop so now your starting battery and your trolling battery no longer get a full charge. Whenever the outboard engine is running, the combiner will share the charging output with the trolling battery.

When the engine is off, the trolling battery is separated from the starting battery and will not accidentally discharge it. Completely automatic, no switches to worry about. No voltage drop so both batteries get the full charge. No diodes to burn out and no heat sink to get hot. Fully waterproof – will work reliably in an open boat.

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Flashers can be used on the actual fishing line, and, in a system known as dummy flasher where the flasher is attached directly to the downrigger cannonball or placed on the downrigger wire. How Does a Flasher Work Flashers work through the creation of a visual mark that resembles an adult salmon swimming and slashing rapidly through a herring ball. When nearby salmon sees the flasher they anticipate that another salmon has found and attacked some forage fish and that there may be some injured baits nearby that could be scooped up for an easy meal.

The nearby salmon will be attracted to the flasher.

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It is really nice to finally take off the blinders and know how my engine is running. The only tweak I would make to the above step by step instructions is that I did not have to cut and splice the 20 ft. The idea of doing that was unbearable. It turns out the connector on the gauge side of the extenstion will fit through the factory hole under the helm along with all the other existing cables.

You just have to work it carefully with some force while pushing the existing lines back. I was also able to feed the connector extension through the cable sleeve using electrical fish tape and creating a cone shape immediately in front of the connector to reduce snagging. Having two people also helps to push and pull simultaneously.

As far as the excess cable is concerned, I just neatly bundled it with zip ties and secured way up out of the way inside the console. Make sure you buy the right part number for each. There are many versions of similar gauges and extensions. Because of those errors I do not feel that it helps. The Mercury instructions for installation are given in http: The RMB sentence contains navigation data related to an active way point. According to the Mercury chart, SmartCraft doesn’t look like it even shows vessel speed data.

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Tweak as necessary to fit your boat, crew and conditions. By Andy Hahn posted Jul 15th, at 2: No simple answer to this question exists. When deciding which tackle and baits to use and where to position them in the wake, charter captains must consider target species, sea conditions, and the skill of crew and anglers, among other factors.

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As we reported, production of season four of Bachelor In Paradise was abruptly suspended after a producer came forward with “allegations of misconduct” between contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. Reports are varying, but it’s certainly clear something serious went down between the two respective villains of their former seasons — something that was serious enough for a show-runner to place a formal complaint with Warner Brothers after reviewing footage of a drunken pool hookup.

According to ET , the Bachelor and Bachelorette alums arrived in Mexico for the first day of filming last Sunday, where: Next thing you know, Corinne comes over and hops on his lap. They start talking and joking. Everyone is just going about their business. That’s when a ‘third party’ felt uncomfortable, claiming misconduct in the workplace. As of right now, production of Paradise is suspended indefinitely. And they are sending everyone home and telling everyone else to stay home.

DeMario and Corinne got sent home soon after. Next, the report says DeMario remembered the two were making out, “rubbing, touching, and fingering. Not surprisingly, this detail in DeMario’s account is a point of contention with other witnesses. We think it’s fair to assume there’s more to the story.

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Some readers may characterize a post as trolling, while others may regard the same post as a legitimate contribution to the discussion, even if controversial. Like any pejorative term, it can be used as an ad hominem attack, suggesting a negative motivation. That is, trolls purposely disrupt forums.

Troll Valley Campground is a campground located near Farmington, Maine. It features full or partial hookup campsites that are big rig friendly for RVs of up to 65 feet.

You know what’s about to happen. They announced “Fire one! The crew watched in horror as an actual torpedo left the tube and made a beeline for the Iowa and the president of the United States. They were at war, after all. And all it would take to sabotage the trip would be one slip-up to the wrong person. Which was why the convoy was supposed to exercise radio silence. Now, there are occasions when you have to break radio silence, like if for instance something even worse than being discovered by the enemy will happen if you don’t.

You’d think that “just shot a torpedo at the president” would be one of those times when you have to break the rule for the greater good. They decided radio silence trumped the life of their commander in chief and everyone else on board the ship, so they used light signals to warn the Iowa a torpedo was coming. The signalman quickly told the Iowa that a torpedo was in the water

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Reid illustrations by Barb Krimmer Trolling – the pulling of a lure behind a moving boat – enjoys great popularity from one end of coastal British Columbia to the other. Two factors unite to give trolling the edge. From November to May, over half the year, only two species of salmon present themselves in coastal waters: Chinook and Blueback coho. Both these resident species disperse across large areas in winter and thus a moved lure contacts more fish in a shorter period of time than a stationary one.

Regardless of time of year, it makes sense to search out the fish; trolling has a clear advantage here.


How to Hook Live Bait Follow these five tips for more — and better — bites. By George Poveromo posted Mar 16th, at 4: Recently, a friend and I were drifting live pilchards over the South Florida reefs. The current was slow, so we placed a few baits at the surface. I hooked a pilchard near its throat, and free-lined it on a spinning rod.

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Match the plug to the depth and it’s off to the races. Despite being in the center of a busy urban environment, the fishing is good. Literally within minutes of our gear tapping down we get a violent strike. This fish, no couch potato, streaks off on a spirited run. Luckily, the hooks hold as I ease a pound California halibut toward the net. My brother Julius makes a deep scoop, and from there this thrashing doormat goes into a large cooler.

The audible thumping is music to our ears, and it gets louder as we eventually add five more halibut. We played the tides right to limit out, but success also came about because we were using a simple but effective technique: Halibut often hit plugs in less than 10 feet of water. This is especially true from spring through fall as bait schools invade San Francisco Bay. During these periods of abundance, however, halibut can get picky, so you need to trigger their predatory response.

Halibut are always moving, so plan on covering some water to stay in the action. Halibut will also set up along irregular tidal edges, so when you see one developing, troll along its edge. Halibut are rarely alone and will aggregate over a specific area.

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