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Tyra Banks

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Ty comforts Tinka. *better then summary* My first Shake It Up! fanfic! The main ship is Ty/Tinka, there is mentions of Gunther/Cece, and Duece/Dina and Logan/Rocky are there if you squint. Please review!

Ty Boudreaux and AnnaBeth Bellaforte are nothing alike He works long hours as a paramedic and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. She strives everyday to make sure she lives up to her family’s reputation as a southern belle of the ball, per se. He wants her to accept him into her world. I want more than “How could I possibly think the peasant would ever have an actual chance with the princess?

I want more than just sex and stolen moments. I’m not ok with being her dirty little secret. Does that make sense? Ty and AnnaBeth or AB for short are so attracted to each other, and can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, but their lives don’t mix. She’s front row and he’s in the nosebleed section. They struggle for a common bond and they don’t think there is one.

But that’s the thing! The common bond is that they do WANT each other!

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When Banks was 15 years old, she started modeling while attending school in Los Angeles. She was rejected by four modeling agencies before she was signed by L. She switched to Elite Model Management at age When she got the opportunity to model in Europe, she moved to Milan. In her first runway season, she booked 25 shows in the Paris Fashion Week.

Thorne dating trevor jackson from shake it up dating. Shake it shine not ty decided to spell out most people. Was opened and tinka during texting.

Season 3 Rocky is a lot more confident, one of the most confident character on the show. She is a more fearless and is outgoing and casual, she focused more on dancing then school but she is still really smart, Rocky also handled things more maturely then she did in other seasons like not being chosen for Shake It Up, Chicago! She also stood up for her friends a lot but also thought she could handle anything but realizes she can’t, she also tries to get in a good college so she have a good career.

Shake It Up, Chicago! Rocky was at first nervous to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago! On the stage, Rocky had an easy time at the audition and was one of the teen dancers chosen to be on the show. However, CeCe was overcome by her stage fright and ran away before completing her audition. Rocky didn’t want to be on the show without CeCe, so she handcuffed CeCe to her wrist and forced her to dance with her.

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Ty Cobb, who has represented multiple figures in Washington scandals dating back to the Clinton administration, will be joining the White House staff at the end of this month as a special counsel to the president, charged with handling all legal and media-related issues relating to the Russia probe, sources said. But Lowell, a skilled litigator who has represented clients ranging from former Sen. Gorelick said the move was prompted by the fact that Mueller had been a partner at her law firm, Wilmer Hale, and brought three other partners with him to conduct the Russia investigation.

Roshon Bernard Fegan aka ROSHON is an American actor, rapper, and dancer. In his acting career, ROSHON is best recognized for his role as Ty Blue on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up.

Filming for the season began in July and ended in March In September , the season was announced to premiere in October. The third season officially premiered on October 14, and aired its last episode on November 10, with 26 episodes aired for the season. Jeff Strauss didn’t return and was replaced by Eileen Conn , while Season 2 writer Darin Henry filled Conn’s position as co-executive producer. Synopsis[ edit ] In the season premiere, Shake It Up, Chicago is on hiatus due to the stage being burned down.

Everyone tries to investigate the problem of how the stage got burnt. At the end, she, Rocky, and CeCe become friends. The problem is finally solved when one of the firemen says that a tanning bed was the reason why the stage got burnt and Gary ends up being the perpetrator because he forgot to turn it off when they went to Japan.

Shake It Up (season 1)

She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother. Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia though this isn’t revealed until later , but also in part because of her “trouble-making” behavior and her lack of motivation.

Sep 11,  · Last time Cece-Sure! (smiles and go with Deuce)What? Deuce-This is not working! Cece-Trust me Rocky was pretty upset at me! Deuce-Well it doesn’t look like it.

Here are some steps to help you work out what to do. Do this at a neutral time when neither of you has to rush off to do something. Use a calm, rational tone of voice and resist the temptation to get emotional or worked up. The object of the discussion is to understand where you are and what you both feel about it.

Be willing to admit your part in way things are and come up with solutions where you can. Take time to digest it and consider that he could have good points as well. Friends may be able to help with advice, but they should be unbiased and not take sides, and this can prove difficult. Often the reason a relationship gets stuck in limbo is a lack of meaningful communication and having a third party to help you talk through things and give advice can make a big difference.

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Rocky was at first nervous to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!, but she was convinced to tryout by Ty and CeCe. On the stage, Rocky had an easy time at the audition and was one of the teen dancers chosen to be on the show.

I wish I could have made up for lost time. Mostly, his grandparents raised him, as his father was busy boxing and his mom was acting in films. He grew up with three sisters — Maryum and twins Jamillah and Rasheda — but when they were infants, Ali began an affair with Veronica Porsche, who became his second wife in The kids still saw their dad, and Junior fondly remembers those days as an extended family.

His card tricks were really good. He was such a comical person. My father liked to wear masks and scare people. He liked to have people on the edge of their seats. It was all the family, including my stepsisters Leila and Hana. He had a great cook. He made sure he was there, would get all the siblings together, and never kept us a secret from each other. I was proud of my daddy.

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