Yerachmiel overcomes his nerves to perform his first wedding. About the Film It takes a true calling to make faith a way of life. The Calling is a four-hour documentary series that follows seven Muslims, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and Jews on a dramatic journey as they train to become professional clergy. Embarking on life paths that demand tremendous personal sacrifice and commitment, these seminarians must uphold timeless truths in an era that values quick fixes and hot trends, and face a public that challenges the very relevance of their mission. A new look at an old job, The Calling takes viewers into the unknown world of seminaries to tell entertaining and compelling personal stories of how faith is lived in today. We see them debate theology and philosophy, learn to deliver sermons, perform their first weddings and funerals, and counsel people in crisis. We also experience them as young people at the crossroads of their lives, struggling with dating, partners, family, and other challenges of coming of age. These young people are charismatic and real, driven and self-reflective, confident and humble. They are seeking to reconcile the modern world and their faith through music and activism; balancing their egos and their desire to serve, and blazing new paths to leadership while conserving age-old traditions. Islam strives to establish its American identity.

Meanwhile, High Commissioner Zambezi, who recently presented her credentials to Seychells and Israel to which she is also designated, says there is great potential for business opportunities between Zambia and the two countries. High Commissioner Zambezi also said there is a lot that Zambia can learn from both Israel and Seychelles in terms of economic development through agriculture and tourism which the two countries boast of respectively.

High Commissioner Zambezi said in a few months time the Seychelles national carrier will increase flights between Nairobi and Johannesburg from Livingstone which hosts the Victoria Falls and a variety of animal parks which the tourists from that country could take advantage of to see by combining their trips to view both the falls and the wild life abundant in Zambia.

Kenya has a vibrant tourism economy which draws millions of foreign tourists per annum and earns the country foreign exchange to support at least 95 per cent of the national budget. The Patriotic Front PF government has put tourism at the centre of economic development as an emerging sector which can significantly contribute to the national treasury and job creation if well harnessed.

How to maintan a Toyota Celica The year is and with the world still reeling form the global financial crisis times are a little hard for everyone, but that does not mean you cannot afford to live the life you want, given you are able to live within your means. For instance, a lot of millennials are into fancy and fast cars blame it on the Fast and Furious movies but what car would one buy that is still fancy, affordable and easy to maintain?

I highly recommend a Toyota Celica, you can find an affordable one on here. For starters, the Celica is great on gas and has a very reliable engine especially the 16 valve engine , but like all Toyota cars, it was made for the man on the street. Once you get that Celica, here are a few things you need to do to maintain it and make it last for you. For any car owner, there is a general rule that says ‘look under the hood’. A build-up of grease and girt can contaminate your engine, bind the linkages, clogg vital passages and inhibit heat transfer so make sure you keep this part of the car clean as it will sure keep your car out of the repair shop.

Also watch out for things like a ‘too cold engine or too hot engine’. All these could point to something and if you detect it early, you can have it sorted out before the car parks – for good. Still talking about engine care, you should maintain a level of radiator fluid to ensure top performance. A slow leak might be the result of corrosion seals or for whatever reason they are simply defective. Usually it is recommended to service a car’s AC system every 2 or 3 years, you may want to take a precaution and replace yours every kilometers.

The reason for this is cause your Celica is probably second hand and even though it may come with no problems, it will require early care and the AC is the place to start. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but prevention is better than cure.

Socialite Pokello Nare, who allegedly received a Toyota Hilux Vigo bought by her step father, ex-Finance minister Ignatius Chombo using State funds, is putting on a brave face. Black Coffee, who appeals to a dive Both will share the stage with South Africans:

Dreamtwinz release their first ever album titled “Heyday” On February 1st , Dreamtwinz released their first Ever album titled “Heyday” which is available now on iTunes here http: Alternating between the two towns,they developed their musical talent by miming popular pop songs by Backstreet Boys and Westlife at local school functions at an early age of eleven years and later in their high school days included popular songs by P-Square and Michael Jackson.

They then started writing their own songs when they were still in high school. Greeam and Eisenhower went on a music break in order to finish their tertiary Education. Since thier completion of school Dreamtwinz have returned to music and have now come to release their first ever album titled “Heyday” on 1 February Eisenhower is now a profesional music producer and produced three quarters of the instrumentals on the Heyday album.

Dreamtwinz write and compose all their songs themselves. In Dreamtwinz launced their self owned record label “Twinzfly Records” and are currently the only artists signed to it.

Egypt’s gay community Living in fear: Egypt’s gay community Two men exchange rings and hug in celebration aboard a Nile boat, as ululations fill the air and a traditional engagement song plays in the background. But within days, their celebration has turned to shock and sadness: Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Egyptian penal code, and technically it is not illegal, but members of the LGBT community are often arrested and charged with pornography, prostitution or debauchery.

At least 20 homosexual and transgender persons were convicted of debauchery and other charges in , which human rights activists say has been the worst year for the community in recent memory. Fear of arrest and social stigma force the majority of the LGBT community to conceal their identity and sexual orientation.

Contact us about this article After several speculations about Elikem’s marriage to Pokello. Details of what really happened in Zimbabwe over the weekend in the official Polikem unionhave emerged. In an exclusive interview with Peacefmonline. According to Elikem, the very private traditional marriage ceremony took place far away in Zimbabwe on Saturday, June 20, Otherwise you will be a silly young man throwing a lot of money away.

So it feels good to be married to the right woman. No mistakes or regrets whatsoever”, Elikem revealed. Asked how much he paid as bride price for Pokello, Elikem was a bit reluctant in his response but finally agreed to give Peacefmonline. The Ghanaian actor and fashion designer said, according to Zimbabwean culture, a couple waits for months or even years before their white wedding, so the date for their white wedding is not known yet. He however indicated that the white wedding would take place both in Zimbabwe and Ghana on separate dates.

The BBA star added that it was humbling to see members of both families come together to witness and bless such a beautiful union. Among those who flew with Elikem from Ghana to Zimbabwe were his mother, his grandmother, his brothers, cousins, his sister, his spiritual father Elder Maxwell and a few close friends.

The new couple is currently at a secret location spending some quality time together before they head back to Accra. Elikem met Pokello now his wife who was representing Zimbabwe during his time in the Big Brother Africa house in South Africa and the two have been in love since then.

Its mission is to promote strategic and sustainable development of higher education systems and research for supporting East Africa’s socio-economic development and regional integration. The IUCEA Vision is to become a strategic institution of EAC responsible for promoting, developing and coordinating human resources development and research in the region. The Act expanded the mandate of IUCEA to human resources and research development, implementation of the Common Market protocol, and contribution to regional integration and socio-economic development through research and innovations.

Implementation of the new structure requires among others additional qualified human resources. Planning, Finance and Administration Section:

Read More Posted by: Jack Pemba after being belittled a few days back by the new tycoon has decided to relocate to Dubai. SK Mbuga is equally working very hard to verify his Facebook account following the very many fake accounts. Kyagulanyi won the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat. He did not contribute much on day one, but you can be sure whatever he said could have dominated the headlines. Sponsored On flipping the other side of the coin, the new office and responsibilities have come with their problems too for Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi.

On Saturday, Bobi Wine had to grace four functions on the same day. He started with Gayaza Junior school that was celebrating over years of existence where he was from Kyagulanyi who is the area MP was invited to come along, but unfortunately, he had left for other functions something that media reports interpreted as snubbing the Buganda Kingdom official.

Bobi Wine came out to explain. I must say it was a humiliation to the people of Kyadondo East to have their elected representative seated at a function for almost five hours and not given any opportunity to say a word. I had prepared to use the occasion to suggest ways of improving our education system! Therefore, by the time the cake was cut, I was long gone and I think it was more important for me to say a word to my people rather than cut that cake.

Sponsored “Me and my husband can be point of discussion any day, any time, any type of topic, hateful, or positive we are very fine with the scrutiny whether for fun or as role models.

Так они спорили и мечтали, а между тем час за часом Семь Солнц расползались в стороны, пока не заполнили тот странный туннель тьмы, по которому несся корабль. Затем шесть внешних звезд, одна за другой, исчезли у края мрака; в поле зрения осталось, наконец, только Центральное Солнце. Находясь пока еще в другом пространстве, оно все же по-прежнему сияло тем жемчужным блеском, который отличал его от всех прочих светил. Каждую минуту его яркость возрастала, и вскоре оно стало уже не точкой, а крошечным диском.

А затем диск начал расти у них на Последовало краткое предупреждение: по кабине разнесся низкий колокольный звон.

Элвин стиснул подлокотники кресла – жест вполне бессмысленный.

Нет, я не порицаю тебя: я уверена, что ты не хотел причинить вред. Но было бы куда лучше предоставить существа, встреченные тобой в Шалмиране, их собственной судьбе. Что же до Диаспара. – Серанис раздраженно махнула рукой. – Слишком многие знают, куда ты ушел: мы опоздали. Что хуже всего, человек, помогший тебе обнаружить Лис, исчез; ни ваш Совет, ни наши агенты не могут обнаружить его, и он остается потенциальной угрозой для нашей безопасности.

Возможно, ты удивляешься, что я рассказываю тебе все.

Но я могу делать это спокойно.

Пять ее сегментов своими плавными горизонтальными линиями напоминали присевшего зверя. Переведя взгляд на робота, Элвин лишь с трудом смог осознать, что оба аппарата – и робот, и компьютер – суть продукты единой эволюции, и даже именуются они одним и тем же термином “машина”. В метре над полом по всей длине конструкции тянулась широкая прозрачная панель. Элвин прижался лбом к гладкому, удивительно теплому материалу и заглянул внутрь машины. Сперва он ничего не увидел; затем, прикрыв глаза ладонью, различил тысячи подвешенных в пустоте точек слабого света.

Отсюда мы двинемся пешком, – сказал он ободряюще и начал доставать из машины снаряжение. – Дальше ехать. Элвин окинул взглядом окружающие холмы и комфортабельное кресло, в котором он сидел во время поездки. – Разве нет обходного пути. – спросил он без особой – Конечно, есть, – ответил Хилвар. – Но мы не пойдем в обход.

Хилвар резко поднял глаза на Элвина, явно не понимая его намерений. Полип выглядел взволновано, и постоянные колебания его дыхательного аппарата прервались на несколько секунд. Затем он ответил, не вполне справляясь со своей речью: – Многие годы мы обсуждали эту проблему. Но мы не можем покинуть Шалмирану. Значит, мир должен придти к нам, как много времени это бы ни отняло.

Затем двери неохотно отворились, и Элвин продвинул своего робота прямо в Узрев парящего робота, трое Сенаторов окаменели в своих креслах, но на лице Серанис промелькнул лишь слабый след удивления. Либо Хилвар уже успел предупредить ее, либо она ожидала появления Элвина рано или поздно. – Добрый вечер, – сказал он вежливо, словно этот подставной визит был самым естественным явлением в мире.

– Я решил вернуться. Их изумление явно превысило ожидания Элвина. Первым опомнился один из Сенаторов, молодой человек с седеющей – Как ты попал.

– ахнул. Причина его ошеломления была очевидна. Аналогично Диаспару, Лис, должно быть, тоже вывел подземную дорогу из – Я прибыл сюда так же, как и в прошлый раз, – сказал Элвин, не в силах удержаться от возможности поразвлечься за их Двое Сенаторов уставились на третьего, который развел руками в знак полного недоумения. Затем младший по возрасту снова обратился к Элвину: – У тебя не было каких-либо.

затруднений?. – Никаких, – сказал Элвин, решив ввести их в еще большее смущение.

– Я вернулся по собственной воле, поскольку у меня есть для вас важные вести.

Macky 2 schools fellow muscians on branding & says Chef 187 is the MOST HAPPENING artist

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